Unfortunately it has become impossible for me to help everybody individually. I can only provide personal help for people who paid for this (see Courses & Mentorship below).

That’s why I have opened the a Facebook group where you can join for free. There are lots of helpful people there!  

Thank you for your understanding.

Paid client projects go through my my own portfolio website. My WP Corner is not an agency that works for clients. Please visit and contact me there. 

Does your company want to promote their product via LivingWithPixels? Then please send your email to:

I won’t respond to emails that just ask if I am open to collaborations. I get too much emails for that. Explain your product and provide useful links please. 

At this moment I don’t have a mentorship program. But I’ve done it in the past and enjoyed it, so maybe in the future I will bring it back!

I have received several questions about how people can thank me for my free content. That is so awesome! You can support in 2 ways.

First: when you want to buy software, please check the links page. On the software links page there are affiliate links where I make a commission when you make a purchase via that link.

Secondly: You can donate money via Paypal on the donation page if you want to. Every dollar / Rupee is appreciated. Thank you very much.